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Chance - The Big Galoot (click photo to enlarge)

Chance was a foster from HSSW who was just too sweet and goofy for us to give back for adoption. So we adopted him instead. He is a little jealous of the rest of our herd but has adjusted himself nicely to the pecking order of his life.

Note: The “fat free milk” sign in the background of this photo is not for him (or any of our animals for that matter). It just inadvertently ended up in the photo.

Besides Chance has a very touchy stomach. Anything eaten other than his regular routine of kibble and biscuit treats just ends up on our floors so we have learned the hard way to keep things simple for him.

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Schatze - A Schnauzer with style (Click photo to enlarge)

Schatze gets 3 walks a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (for almost five years, no missed appointments). And she loves her life of luxury! To borrow a saying:

“Neither rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow nor heat of day nor dark of night shall keep this pet sitter from the swift completion of his/her appointed rounds.” Herodotus, 500 B.C. .

She lives with an Octagenarian who loves her dearly and makes sure she gets the right amount of exercise, proper diet and meds. Schatze is an Octagenarian too in dog years!

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Tool sightseeing

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Juno, The Husky Foster (3 legged) Puppy

We had the joy of fostering a Husky that had his right front leg bent backwards through abuse and was then abandoned to the local shelter. Volunteer (unpaid) Veterinarians at the Humane Society for Southwest Washington performed surgery and straightened the leg. Puppy spent a night in severe pain (he was heavily medicated though).

After a couple weeks it was apparent to all that the leg was not healing properly and the leg was amputated. Juno spent another night in pain (again he was heavily medicated). Three legged dogs actually do quite well in life. They don’t let it bother them.

Juno has now been adopted. We miss him terribly but it is for the best (we already have plenty of creatures roaming our house). The new caretakers/adopters provided the slide in this video with Juno getting doused with a hose. This is a dog that a shelter saved and has already brought much joy to many people including us!

Below is a picture of Juno all grown up and taken recently by his wonderful new family in Vancouver found over at FeffandFairy. He has captured their hearts too.

Juno - Older and more loved (click photo to enlarge)

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