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Update from Beastie Boutique 

We are happy to report that Gretchen was found last night. She is now home safe and sound.

She was found by leaving “Lost Dog fliers on the door steps of homes in the neighborhood. When the people who had taken her in off the street saw the flyer, they immediately called and she was reunited with the owner. She didn’t have a collar and tags on but was micro-chipped. This may have delayed her getting found for the extra day but never rely solely on tags to have your dog found. The people did state they were going to take her to the vet’s office the next day and have her scanned for a chip.

A couple things we learned that may help the next rescue mission.

First, physically go to the humane society and enter a lost dog report. You have to go there in person. Don’t rely solely on this as we found out that this was done for Gretchen and the people who found Gretchen said they called twice to the humane society and had to leave messages both times. They said they left messages describing the dog. Somehow these messages were never matched to the report and nobody was called. This is not the first instance of this that we are hearing. You will need to be very assertive in making sure they are going through the messages.

Next, get a bunch of fliers and canvas the area where the pet was lost. This is the number one thing people do that has the best success rate. Place them on door steps and keep moving. Don’t ring each door bell and wait for an answer, it will take forever to cover an area. If you find people walking around in the neighborhood, talk to them and give them a flyer. Make sure to place one in every Mini Mart, vet’s office, dog parks or anywhere in the area a lot of people hang out. The fliers are cheap and get results. Offer a reward if you can.

Get some of your fliers laminated. Get some cheap A frames or “bandit” sign holders and duct tape them to the signs and place them at major intersections in the area.

Another good tip we learned was a program called Pet Amber Alert. You can register with them and they will call everyone in an area letting them know of your lost pet. They have multiple plans for covering larger areas. Well worth the price and they get the word out fast. You can find out more about there services at

Fast action is needed when a pet becomes lost. Gather any friends, neighbors or whoever you can to help get the word out. Make sure your pet is micro-chipped. A good collar and tags are nice but don’t rely on them. They can get tangled when a pet is lost and going through a neighborhood and be pulled off. As in our situation when Bart was stolen from us, the thieves took the collar off first thing and threw it on the ground.

Be prepared with current pictures of your pet. If you ever find yourself in the horrible position of loosing your pet, please contact us and we will put the word out and offer help as much as we can.

Thank you to all who wrote or called in to offer help with Gretchen.

Original post

Workers left a gate open and Gretchen wandered out of her yard and is now lost. She was last seen yesterday 12/7/11 at noon. A short while later a neighbor a block over saw her in their back yard.

She was lost in the Lake Shore area of NW 116th Street and 21st Ave. Tracking dogs were called in and she was tracked to the area of NW 94th Street and NW 14th Ave.

If you live in this area or know anyone, please keep an eye out for her. If you can help by handing out any flyers, please call the store and we’ll have some here for you to pick up. We are coordinating efforts to cover as much of the two areas we can. Any help is very much appreciated.

Gretchen is 11 years old, around 12-15lbs, Grey to dark Grey in color and recently groomed. No collar but is micro chipped.

If you have any information,  please call the Beastie Boutique store at 360-574-6400.

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