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Dusty loved us and we loved Dusty.

Thanks for the wonderful memories you gave us.

Thanks for the wonderful memories you gave us.

This was Dusty. We fostered Dusty from the SW WA Humane Society in the spring of 2007. Dusty had non-contagious mange and had lost much of his hair. He was the ulgiest dog I’ve ever seen even if he had not lost his hair. Dusty was treated and cured of his mange although some of the hair never did grow back.

During the time we were treating Dusty we found out that this ugly dog had a heart of gold. There was no way that we could give him back to the shelter to be adopted out. We lost Dusty last summer. He is missed much. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

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Marcy – Black Lab and Pit Bull mix

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Chance - The Big Galoot (click photo to enlarge)

Chance was a foster from HSSW who was just too sweet and goofy for us to give back for adoption. So we adopted him instead. He is a little jealous of the rest of our herd but has adjusted himself nicely to the pecking order of his life.

Note: The “fat free milk” sign in the background of this photo is not for him (or any of our animals for that matter). It just inadvertently ended up in the photo.

Besides Chance has a very touchy stomach. Anything eaten other than his regular routine of kibble and biscuit treats just ends up on our floors so we have learned the hard way to keep things simple for him.

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Eddie - Classy Cat (Click photo to enlarge)

Eddie – A stray who cares not for our many dogs. He gets to live with Salty, another stray cat of ours in luxury in our basement away from the hustle and bustle of the dog community. He also has a scenic patio with a cat door that overlooks our outdoor dog pen area. A beautiful, unique looking cat who knows how to take care of himself.

We inherited Eddie from mom when she died in 2002. Mom got him from a neighbor who came down with cancer and could not handle him anymore. The neighbor got him from… Let’s just say Eddie’s been around!

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Tool sightseeing

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