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Hot Cars are Not for Hot Dogs

United Animal Nations has a website called My Dog is Cool that provides information about the dangers of putting your dog in your car during warm weather days.  Even though it may not seem hot to you in your car, unlike your dog, you are not wearing a fur coat.  You are not sweating solely through your mouth.  You have the ability to get out of your car and get a drink of water when you are too hot.  Dogs are not designed for hot weather.  They like it cool.   Keep your car cool and keep your cool dog out of it on hot days.



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1 Bruno { 11.25.15 at 6:18 pm }

Can get to MassMirror okay, but the d/l speeds are mnamiil. I’m experiencing massively reduced d/l speeds with all sites though. Only recognises the top speed initially then they drop to mnamiil speeds. Anyone elso experiencing this or have any solutions.

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